Questions and Answers

1.  What are your prices?  

* Go under services and rates and you'll find all the prices there.

2. What are your hours?

* Go under Missy's Bio and you'll find all the days and times there.

3.  Do you train teens?

* I do.  Anyone 15 and under must have a parent with them at all times. 

4. Do you have your own personal gym?

* Yes!  It is handicap accessible and cleaned daily.

5. Will there be other people in the gym during my training sessions?

* Absolutely Not!  These are private sessions and this is a private gym.  The only people allowed in during your session is you, myself and if you brought someone with you (kid, parent, spouse) 

6. Is the consult free?

- YES!!!  Also, there's no time limit so feel free to ask any and all gym related questions. 

7. What forms of payment do you accept?

- Cash, credit card, and debit. NO checks (sorry)