Services & Rates


Personal & Group Training at all ages and fitness levels! 

60 min Sessions

   Single Session $35.00

 3 Sessions $105.00

 5 Sessions $175.00

10 Sessions $350.00 

15 Sessions $525.00 


30 min HIIT   High-Intensity Interval Training

 1 Session $25.00

  4 Sessions $100.00

  6 Sessions $150.00

   8 Sessions $200.00

  10 Sessions $250.00


   *LARGE Package*

*20 one hour sessions     $600.00 (saving $100.00)



60 mins COUPLES sessions (Getting Healthy 2-Gether)

* Single session                  $80.00

*3 sessions                          $120.00

*5 sessions                          $200.00

*10 sessions                        $400.00

*15 sessions                        $600.00

30 min HIIT  High-Intensity Interval Training

*1 session                            $35.00

*4 sessions                          $140.00

*6 sessions                           $210.00

*8 sessions                           $280.00

*10 sessions                         $350.00

*15 sessions                         $525.00


20 sessions                           $700.00 (saving $100.00)



GROUP CLASSES @ my Gym, Omega Fitness 
No less than 3 people... No more than 6. 

*1 hr sessions, $10 a person 

* classes are PREPAID ONLY
* if less than 3 people show up on scheduled date, class will be rescheduled.  Return payment to those who show up on those canceled days, will be returned. 
   Sorry, No Exceptions!  

I DO TRAVEL ... For LARGER groups such as Churches, Schools, Assistant Living, etc.

I am NOT available for home visits. 

* $45 an hour
* I do supply some equipment. 

OUTSIDE Van Buren and White County...
$10.00 EXTRA an Hour for every 5 miles outside the 2 county lines
* I do supply some equipment


GENETICS-Base Program Designer

As the field of genetics evolves, it’s becoming more obvious: genes play a role in more than just hair and eye color. Everyone is unique because of genetics. And this type of individuality requires personalized solutions when it comes to fitness and nutrition recommendations.

Genetic testing in fitness and nutrition professions provides the ability to design programs so accurate and predictable, that client success, when following the recommendation is, guaranteed . This is perhaps the most exciting change in the health and fitness profession!

DNA Genetics Test Kit, plus result reading and two free private sessions $500.00.  

If you are unable or you're uncomfortable with meeting face-to-face, we can do a quick video call for Q&A's and I'll mail you your kit.  Follow the simple three instructions and put the kit in the mail. That's It!  
Sorry, I do not work outside of the United States.