Missy Pitsenberger

What is the DNA Test

 What does the DNA cover and test for?

* Genetics Test addresses 36 traits specific to the needs of fitness and nutrition professionals.  


- Weight Loss Tendency

- Fat Loss Response To Cardio

- Body Composition Response To Strength Training


- Hdl Response To Cardio

- Glucose Response To Cardio

- Insulin Sensitivity Response To Cardio

- Testosterone Levels

- Trig Response To Cardio


- V02 Max

- Exercise Heart Rate Response

- Exercise Stroke Volume


- Systemic Inflammation

- Injury Risk

- Sleep Duration


- Protein Utilization

-Fat Utilization

- Carb Utilization

- Caffeine Metabolism

- Cholesterol Response To Dietary Fat

- Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Tendency

- Insulin Response To Dietary Fat


- Vitamin B9- Folate Tendency 

- Vitamin B6 Tendency

- Vitamin B12 Tendency

- Vitamin C Tendency 

- Vitamin D Tendency


- Iron Tendency

- Magnesium Tendency

- Zinc Tendency

- Calcium Tendency


- Intrinsic Motivation To Exercise

- Impulse Control And Taste Preference With Aging

- Power and Endurance Potential


Your DNA is what directs every cell in your body. Everyone has a unique genetic makeup with certain genes that code for things like eye color and groups of genes that interact in complex ways to determine other attributes.  A genetic screening is simply a test that maps out your DNA, often for a specific purpose. 

Benefits of the DNA test

  • It is easy, fast, and inexpensive. 
  • You get information about how you absorb and use nutrients, build muscle lose fat, and respond to different types of workouts. 
  • The information helps manage fitness and athletic performance expectations. 
  • It also helps determine the best way to workout
  •  optimal diet for weight loss, weight maintenance, and changing body composition. 

It’s important to make sure you understand that the kind of lifestyle test you'll be sharing with me is not medical. It does not include information about gene mutation or genes that increase the risk of disease. 

Common Questions about Genetic Testing and Privacy

Privacy is a valid and serious concern when it comes to genetic testing. Help your clients weigh the risks against benefits and understand how to stay safe and keep their information private. 

  • Are there laws protecting my genetic privacy? The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act protects people who have had DNA tests from discrimination in health insurance and employment. 
  • How will my trainer protect my privacy? I am a certified DNA-based coach, you will be prepared with a confidentiality agreement. Absolutely nothing is shared with anyone else other than you and I. 
  • What will the test tell me about weight loss? It will tell you if you can reasonably lose weight through standard diet and exercise strategies, or if there will be barriers. Unfavorable results do not mean weight loss is impossible but does help me to develop different strategies to overcome those challenges. 
  • How will a DNA test change my fitness plans? The results can tell you how effectively you can lose fat with cardio or weightlifting and how your overall body composition responds to workouts.
  • Will the results of the DNA test solve all my fitness and weight problems? Genes and the way they interact and are expressed is extremely complicated. There are very few traits, like dimples, that come from just one gene. This means that while the information from a test will be useful, it cannot provide easy, simple, or guaranteed solutions. Consider them to be guidelines that will make weight loss and good health easier to achieve. 

The whole package contains:

  1. One DNA Genetics Test Kit
  2. An  87 page book, emailed to  you straight from the lab about your results and a complete explanation break down of your results. 
  3.  One hour sit down (face to face or over the phone) result reading to answer all your questions.
  4. One free private sessions. 

This book is about YOU ONLY.  Everything you need to know to be successful in your health and fitness will be in your very own book.  This test will cut out the middle man and all your gym guessing games.  Through this test, you will know which exercise, foods, minerals and so one is perfect for you to achieve your goals quicker and easier.  

This is a one time price of $500.00